Virtual Edit Video Editing Solution
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Virtual Edit is a semi-professional software video editing package aimed at ambitious content creators to video novices, who want to produce material with a slick and professional look.

Virtual Edit will run on Laptop and Desktop PCs running Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP. Also if you have a DV camera with a DV-out, you can capture video straight into a Virtual Edit Project and start creating.

Or take your memory card from your AVCHD Video Camera and import the high quality .mts/m2ts video into Virtual Edit and experience crisp colourful High Definition.

Editions of Virtual Edit
Virtual Edit Evaluation
Experiment with all features of Virtual Edit (including Standard and Pro-HD).
Free to download.
  • Easy to use
  • Timeline video editing
  • Frame accurate editing
  • Experiment with the Title Designer, Clip Effects Processor and Transitions.
  • Capture DV video direct from DV video camera
  • Render DV Type-1 and Type-2 video files
Note: Restrictions prevent some features being rendered into output file.
Virtual Edit Standard

Standard Edition is for editing Standard Definition video from DV or Digital8 camcorders and a variety of difference sources.

The Standard Edition has the following features:
  • Advanced transitions (e.g. flower, starburst and wave) may be rendered into output files.
  • Title Designer, for creating overlay title graphics.
  • Clip Effects Processor, for adjusting video brightness, colour balance and various other effects in real time *.
  • No restrictions with Transitions, Titles or Clip Effects
  • Render all four audio tracks into output files.
  • Fade titles in and out.
  • Fade audio in and out.
Virtual Edit Pro-HD

Pro-HD Edition is for editing High Definition from AVCHD camcorders, also DV, Digitial8 and a variety of different sources.

The Pro-HD Edition has the following features:
  • No restricted features.
  • All Standard Edition features.
  • Edit full HD 1920x1080i (29.97/25Hz) video in realtime *.
  • Edit .mts/m2ts files from AVCHD cameras.
  • Edit .mp4 files from flip cameras (AVC only).
  • Render high quality HD output files.
Note: Pro-HD edition requires you to have a suitable DXVA accelerator graphics card. What is this?

* Performance will depend on PC hardware capabilities.